Rebuilder of Rotary Transfer Machines

Rebuilder of Rotary Transfer Machines - Specializing in Hydromats

We are a rebuilder of Rotary Transfer Machines & a Spare Parts Supplier that specializes in Hydromats.

How do we differ?  Anything we design, build and sell to our customer, we are willing to use it ourself.  We are a low cost solutions provider to the market place.  The largest inventory of after market hydromat components in the world.  We warranty our work.


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    We are a rebuilding facility and after market parts supplier for Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines. We provide a low cost solution for rebuilding and servicing your hydromat machine. Our services include rebuilding and/or refurbishing of the entire machine. In addition we service and rebuild, flanges, units, valves, tool holders, etc. Finally, we have the largest inventory of after market hydromat components in the world.



    Our first commercial transaction was in 2007 with sale of 6 rebuilt 30/60 drilling units. Since then we have had great customer development and success in the areas of machine rebuilding, spare parts, reconditioning of units and valves and field service.
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    Our hydromat rebuilding department was started out of necessity. After all, our main production division has 50 hydromats in operation and required periodic maintenance, service and rebuilding. Over time it became very clear that not only could we provide a great value added service for our organization but for all other companies vested in Hydromat Rotary Transfer technology.

    State of the Art


    We started this division in no more than 3,000 square feet. Since then, we have built a state of the art rebuilding center which includes approximately 15,000 square foot of operations space and additional 3,000 square feet of spare parts storage and inventory.


               VERTICAL BRACKET WITH FLANGE                   CUT-OFF HEAD WITH BAR CLAMP ASSEMLY                     MILLING HEAD ASSEMBLY           

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